About PATA

Founded in 1951, the Pacific Asia Travel Association is the recognised authority on Pacific Asia travel and tourism. As a not-for-profit trade association, PATA's mission is to enhance the growth, value and quality of Pacific Asia travel and tourism for the benefit of its membership.

PATA provides leadership to the collective efforts of 41 national government members, 48 state and local tourism bodies, 66 airlines and cruise lines -- all in all, nearly 2,000 travel industry companies. Our members also include companies that provide a wide range of services to the travel industry. PATA's Chapter membership includes 17,000 travel professionals in 80+ PATA Chapters located throughout the world.

An intrinsic value of PATA is the broad base of its membership. All facets of the travel industry are represented within the partnership of public and private sector bodies, large and small organisations, developed and developing nations, and companies that provide a wide range of services to the travel industry.

Membership in the Pacific Asia Travel Association signifies to the travel industry and to the experienced international traveler that the member has been accepted as a true professional in Pacific travel, and that the organization authorized to display the Pacific Asia Travel Association emblem renders the highest quality of service, provides the most complete and accurate information on current matters relating to pleasure travel in the Pacific, and conducts its affairs in an ethical and businesslike manner.

PATA Member Nations

China (PRC)
Chinese Taipei
Cook Islands
DPR Korea
Hong Kong SAR
Korea (ROK)
Macau SAR
Micronesia (FSM)
New Zealand
Northern Marianas
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
Sri Lanka

PATA Membership and Chapter Membership

PATA membership entitles organizations to partake of the many benefits of belonging to a global association of tourism peers. Benefits include, for example, participation in exclusive PATA events such as the PATA Annual Conference, Travel Mart, world?wide seminars and the like. Market research studies and other publications are available to the PATA members at a free of reduced rate. In addition, PATA membership allows the organization to have a leadership impact on worldwide tourism issues and to generate considerable business through extensive networking on a global level.

PATA Chapter membership is generally on an individual basis. Participation occurs on a local level, with individuals joining the PATA Chapters in their regions. PATA Chapter members are an invaluable resource and are recognized as such by the tourism industry. Chapter members participate in Chapter activities, promotions, education programs, Divisional Chapter Meetings and the Chapter World Congress.

PATA Chapters

PATA Chapters are formed within local travel industry communities to meet their professional needs and attain their business objectives. PATA Chapter members learn together to provide an international sales force that endeavors to promote tourism to and within the Pacific Asia areas and to provide local relevance for the aims and objectives of PATA.

In general, the primary goals of PATA Chapters coincide with and complement the objectives of PATA. Within that framework the specific objectives of the Chapters are:

  1. To foster a closer working relationship among PATA members and between all travel industry representatives.
  2. To provide forums for the development, promotion and sales of PATA destinations and tourism products of PATA members.
  3. To promote travel industry professionalism and skills through education and training.
  4. To express the unified voice of the travel industry in local communities and obtain combined action in pursuing national and local tourism policies within the framework of PATA.
  5. To implement or assist in the conduct of specific PATA projects.

PATA assists Chapters in the attainment of these objectives through Chapter World Congress. This annual meeting is designed to provide an international forum for Chapter members worldwide to share experiences, exchange views and ideas for common interest and obtain an insight into the global scope of the parent Association.

The PATA Foundation

The PATA Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization established and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes in order to:

  • Foster the development of educational and training programs to enhance tourism to and within Pacific-Asia countries.
  • Encourage heritage conservation through the development and preservation of man-made, cultural, and natural resources in Pacific-Asia countries.
  • Support research for the development of tourism.

In order to accomplish its objectives, the Foundation carries out four basic functions:

  • The establishment of annual program priorities and funding goals.
  • The development and implementation of fund-raising programs to meet these goals.
  • The stewardship of foundation assets.
  • The awarding of grants to eligible organizations to develop programs and activities in keeping with the Foundation's purposes and priorities.
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