Purposes and Objectives of the Pacific Asia Travel Association

To encourage and assist in the development of the travel industries throughout the Pacific area by:

  • Providing an instrument for close collaboration among the various territories, countries and commercial companies concerned.
  • Augmenting and assisting local promotional and development efforts of the members and sources of capital for tourist accommodation and recreational projects.
  • Providing a liaison between travel and transportation industries and all members.
  • Carrying out advertising, promotional and publicity measures calculated to focus the attention of the traveling public upon the Pacific as one of the world's outstanding vacation areas.
  • Encouraging the promotion of adequate passenger transportation services and facilities to and within the Pacific area.
  • Carrying out statistical and research work relating to travel trends and tourism development for the benefit of its members.
  • Negotiating with governments, whether directly or through the appropriate bodies, for an easing of monetary regulations and travel formalities tending to be barriers to tourist travel.

Purposes and Objectives of the PATA Southern California Chapter

  1. To provide a forum which will enable the individual chapter members to conduct their various assigned responsibilities for selling travel and providing services to visitors to the Pacific in a more effective manner.
  2. To bring together representatives of PATA members at regular intervals to develop a closer working relationship and a better understanding of travel matters as such relate to the Pacific area.
  3. To obtain uniformity and combined action by members in pursuing national and local policies within the framework of PATA.
  4. To implement specific PATA objectives and projects.
  5. To pass to appropriate government and official organizations such matters approved by PATA, and to obtain thereon as and when required.
  6. To process generally and to obtain opinions of members of the Chapter on any PATA requirement or objective.