SoCal PATA 2003
Annual General Meeting and
Update on Pacific Asia Destinations


L to R SoCal PATA Chairman Steve Alexis and Executive Director Klaus Billep, welcome Dorita Scott, Market Mgr. Aeromexico, and currently chairman of Orange Country PATA.

Chairman Steve Alexis with Mr. Tae Shik Kim, Dir. of KNTO-LA.

SoCal PATA Chairman Steve Alexis and Executive Director, Klaus Billep, greet Giesla & Albert Schmid, past chairman.

Steve Alexis, Klaus Billep, Mr. Tae Shik Kim, Dir. of KNTO-LA and Albert Schmid (past chairman)

PATA Americas Participants welcome you.
L to R: Monica Poling (Korea Tourist Office), Peter Semone (VP PATA), Peggy Peterka (Macau Tourist Office), James Ferguson (PATA Dir. The Americas) and Klaus Billep

Past Chairman, George Howard (Malaysia Airlines) greets Orange County past chairman, Varini de Silva.

Chairman Steve Alexis with Varini De Silva, Past Chairman Orange County chapter.

SoCal PATA Chairman Steve Alexis, welcomes Gerry McLaughlin, Director of Sales of Miramonte Resort & Sap in Indian Wells, CA host for the 2003 PATA Americas Meeting.